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 The Use of Warehouse

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PostSubject: The Use of Warehouse   Thu Dec 24, 2009 3:44 pm

There is a bank in each of the four big cities respectively, Luo Yang (87, 153), Da Li(215, 170) and Su Zhou (90, 180). Players can save goods and money in the bank. By talking to the bank clerk, you can put your material from your backpack to the bank, as well as the extra money. If the money you carry with you is beyond the maximum, it will be deducted when you go offline or transfer it.

The four banks are interlinked with each other, which means what you have saved in Da Li can be withdrawal at Luo Yang and Su Zhou.

If you think the storage box is not big enough in the bank, you can buy some from the clerk in order to enlarge the storage place.

Password can be set in the bank so that you can protect property in a better way. In order to protect the account’s security, you have to type in the password when opening the bank.

There are 20 lattices in each of the storage box.

Each character will be able to buy 2 storage boxes as maximum besides the one from the system.

The Use of Bank Strongbox
You can think about saving some gold which you don't need now to the strongbox. Once the strongbox has been locked, even the player himself will not be able to withdraw gold. Unlocking the strongbox takes 3 days. The player has to wait for 3 days to unlock to withdraw gold.

Open the Strongbox

Deposit gold into the strongbox

Gold has been saved successfully

Strongbox lock

Strongbox has been locked successfully
If the gold you carry is beyond the maximum, it will be deducted when you go offline or transfer it.

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The Use of Warehouse
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