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 Tangled warfare(Individual, Team, Alliance)

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PostSubject: Tangled warfare(Individual, Team, Alliance)   Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:37 pm

Tangled warfare(Individual, Team, Alliance)
Open the tangled warfare

·Select individual tangled warfare mode to enter individual tangled warfare.

·Select Team tangled warfare mode to enter team tangled warfare.

·Select Alliance tangled warfare mode to enter Alliance tangled warfare.

Agreement required:

Increase crime point:

Scene limited:


Death losses:
·Tangled warfare will make a lot lost, besides money and experience value, it has a certain chance to lose your equipment and items in your package.

·Package items including material package and item package, all of them may drop. If one package is empty, the item in other package will drop.

·Death will depress durableness of the equipment, notice that all of the equipments durableness will be depressed.

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Tangled warfare(Individual, Team, Alliance)
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