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PostSubject: Duel(Individual)   Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:31 pm

·Apply dual:

You can find Su Zhou Carlos Pun(266,212)to apply, turn to combat state after the other agreed.

·Duel condition
The launcher's level is more than or equal 20 level.

The energy of laucher is more than 100.

The launcher is not in duel state.

The invitee is on-line.

The invitee's level is more than or equal 20 level.

The invitee's duel list is not full.

·Condition required:
Both sides of duel are on-line and all of the conditions are satisfied, it will take the invitee's energy for 100 points. System will send

striking prompt and chatting column prompt to the launcher. At the same time it will pop system prompt for the invitee to choose duel or give up duel. After both sides agree

duel starts.
The duel will be over in one hour.

The group skill you fire in the duel won't effect other players, but it will effect monsters.

In the duel, the names of both sides will be red.

The duel state will be over after one dies or one hour later.

·Agreement required:

·Increase crime point:

·Scene limited:
Generally no

·Death losses:
You will have some lost for death, except money and experience value, the item in your package will lose.

Package items include material package and item package, each of them has a certain chance to drop. If one is empty, the item in another package will drop.

Death will depress the durableness of equipment, notice that the durableness of all equipments will be depressed.
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