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 Challenge (XD lets see how good u are)

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PostSubject: Challenge (XD lets see how good u are)   Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:28 pm

Competition(Individual, Team)
Open the competition
Right-click other player, select "Competition", system will send the confirming information to the other side. Attention, only single player and team master can carry out the competition. Both sides of the competition must be in Luo Yang, Da Li . Members in a team are forbad to join competition.

After conditions satisfied, system will transport both sides to the arena.

Competition limit
·Enter the arena, both sides are defaulted opposite, both sides have 10 seconds waiting period to prepare competition.

·If you die in the arena, click "Relive" to be transported to Luo Yang or Da Li.

·If there are players of one camp leaving, they will be sent out in 10 seconds; you can leave from exit in map.

Agreement required:

Increase crime point:

Scene limited:
·In Da Li or Luo Yang.

Death losses
·No loss of death.

Da Li arena——1

Da Li arena——2

Luo Yang arena

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Challenge (XD lets see how good u are)
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