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 Marriage System

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PostSubject: Marriage System   Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:13 pm

There are many types of relationships players can have in TLBB, but if you find that special someone, you can marry them in game to show your love for each other!

So, how do you get married in TLBB?

First you have to find that special someone, your lover, your TLBB soul mate.

After finding your soul mate, you must meet two character requirements, the groom must be level 35 or higher and the bride must level 20 or higher, and together your friendship reputation with each other must be at least 1000. Questing and raiding together will help you both easily meet these requirements.

Now you and your fiancée are at the right levels, you’ve been together long enough so your friendship reputation is more than 1000, but before you can get married you must save up 52 Gold, 5 Silver and 20 Copper and then make your way to Luo Yang.

Once in Luo Yang create a team with just the bride and groom and speak to ‘Matchmaker’ [49,59], and make sure you have at least one free slot in your inventory for your wedding rings!

After getting married you will gain skills that are only available to couples and get extra XP when fighting together.
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Marriage System
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