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 Master & Apprentice

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PostSubject: Master & Apprentice   Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:00 pm

New Apprentice and Master System(Latest update of Ares Version)
The apprentice list is added in this version in order to make the master feel more convenient to give guidance. The apprentice will end the apprenticeship when reaches level 45, also the master will get the rewards of Moral Point and teacher morality when the apprentice levels up to 60,70,80,90. When the player levels up to 60, the Teacher Morality will level up to Lv 1 and 500 points Moral Point will be eliminated. In the Ares version, it does not need Moral Point to apply for the “Primary Master”. In the previous version, the apprentice who reaches Lv 45 cannot end the apprenticeship himself. He needs to go to find Elder Nieh in Da Li, and select “End the apprenticeship”.

Apprentice and master
In order to make the novice feel much easier to play the game, and promote the communication of the players, the Apprentice and Master system of TLBB was designed carefully. You can find a teacher to ask questions and guide for you, or even give you some equipments and items. The master can also get some extra rewards and titles.

Level up to 10, the mater's level must be 10 levels higher than the level of apprentice, the teacher morality of the master should be primary at least, and the master and the apprentice must be friends. Master and apprentice team up and go to Da Li(141,134), talk with Elder Nieh, the master select “My apprentice want me to be his teacher”, according to the prompt is OK.

Teacher Morality
Firstly, the player must upgrade to a Primary Master to be a master. Go to Da Li(141,134), and talk with Elder Nieh, select“I want to promote my teacher Morality level”, it takes some Gold and Moral Points, thus you will become a master and get the title of “Primary Master”.

Rewards after having a master
After having a master, the player will get 10% more experience in a combat.

If the master and the apprentice practice as a team, the apprentice will get 10% more experience in a combat.

If the master and the apprentice practice as a team, and it meets the requirements of getting Moral Point, their Moral Point will be added by 3.

The Moral Point can only be added once.

Experience contribution
If the player levels up to 30, part of his experience will be stored in Elder Nieh(141,134)in Da Li, the master can get the experience there. The upper limit of the experience contribution is 8000000,the extra experience will not be contributed to master.

Expel the apprentice
Find Elder Nieh(141,134)in Da Li,and select “I want to expel my apprentice”.

It takes 2.5 Gold to expel an apprentice.

Betray the master
Find Elder Nieh(141,134)in Da Li,and select “I want to remove the relationship with my master”.

Extra rewards
When the apprentice levels up to a certain level, the master will get experience as rewards.

When the apprentice joins in a guild and class for the first time, the master will get experience as rewards.
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PostSubject: Re: Master & Apprentice   Thu Jan 07, 2010 6:02 pm

Rewards after having a master

Yesterday me and Ersya have made the Master - apprentice relationship, and i want to add that in togheter lvling you get 20% of exp bonus... Dunno how this count's but for normal "you get 200 exp points" it says in aditional "you get 40 exp point as a bonus" so ill say its 20%... And just to remind i dont have any other bonus exp event or package cyclops
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Master & Apprentice
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