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 Travel Trading (Building the city)

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PostSubject: Travel Trading (Building the city)   Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:39 pm

You have contributed a lot to your city and you will be rewarded for sure. You can go to your city to get paid when you have been in the guild for more than a week and your do travel trading is more than twice per week.

Becoming a trader
Players above Lv 40 can apply for being a trader to your guild leader or related administrators, and then get trade quest (travel trading). Guild officers (Leader, Deputy, Interior Officer, Public Officer, Mission Officer) can do the quest without being appointed. Travel trading can not only increase the guild funds, but also bring individual profits such as gold, experience and guild contribution.

Saturday is travel trading day. Travel trading profits are markedly increased on the day, and also more experience, gold and guild contribution, come on!

Travel trading process
Firstly, go to your guild city to find the Finance Officer Chien(NPC of "Finance" on the map), click Officer Chien and select "Get banknote" and you will get banknote successfully if it hasn't exceeded maximum daily available guild banknote. The upper limit is related to the guild level, the higher the level is, the more banknote available every day.

Tips: The trader will be in travel trading status when getting banknote, and he is unable to ride his mount or peddle, unable to use NPC teleport(except guild city of wild field), or use any teleporting skill or items. But he can summon pet, join and follow a team, and start PK camp in the status.

Besides, the trader who has successfully got banknote can click Officer Chien again, select "Merchant Shop" and choose the items you want to buy (one slot for one item only). The amount of items is up to the maximum banknote, and it is related to the trader's level.

After the guild has been created, there are three default kinds of lv 1 goods. Different territory has different lv 1 goods(same area has same goods, different). Lv 1 goods can be traded in three cities. When the lv 1 Bank of the guild city level up to lv 2, the lv 2 goods can be researched ……when level up to lv 5, the lv 5 goods can be researched.

Then, you can go straight to the destination——opposite side guild to trade goods. Trader can trade with merchant NPC in the three major cities. The goods which are sold in the three cities are not the goods sold in the guild city. When your banknote accumulated to a certain value, you can go back to your guild and hand in them to Officer Chien, and, that is an end of trade quest (that is a travel trading has been finished). You can do travel trading 8 times a day at most.

Tips: Travel trading is an efficient way of earning money. You can buy goods at a low price and sell them at a high price to make money from the price difference. The profit you earn is related to your level. Traders in different levels may make different profits, which because that profit is affected by experience, skills, the mongering time and the type of goods.

Special situation during travel trading
Banknote losing, falling

Banknote trader gets cannot be thrown or traded (including peddling, player's shop), when the trader die of PVP during trade quest, banknote will disappear and the quest will fail.

If the trader dies of PK in travel trading status, the status will be removed. If banknote is in appreciation status, it will generate a fell overdue banknote and all goods and banknote of the trader will disappear. At the same time, there will be a notice in guild channel, which shows the troublemaker's guild name. All players can get the overdue banknote in the place where another trader dies. You can exchange the overdue banknote with Officer Chien for awards.

Travel Trading 1st Requirement
Required a guild with city, the guild must be at least lv 1.

Requirement for building city:

Leader of a lv 0 guild applies.

The applicant has 1000 gold.

City resources are available for applicants

City building step

Open the city you want to apply, and select a location

Name the city

After system checks the name, you will be charged for 1000 gold. And the city is established successfully.

2nd requirement: Establish commercial route
Whether establish commercial route or not, player can make his or her own business (Trade Quest). But if you have a commercial route you will get more benefit in Travel trading

Method of establishing commercial route:
Guild Leader enters the guild city, talk to finance officer Chien and select “Set commercial route”, following the instructions to complete it. One thing that you should keep in mind is that set up a commercial route is a two-way action. Only when both guilds have each other are in their own commercial route list, the commercial route is valid.

3rd requirement: Change commercial route
Now, the maximum of commercial routes is 4. If it already reaches the limit, and you still want to set up a new commercial route, then you will have to cancel one of the existed routes.

Method of changing commercial route:
The chief enters the guild city, talk to finance officer Chien and select “Set commercial route”. Then select the route you want to remove and click “remove commercial route” button to remove it. See specific way to set up a commercial route above.

4th requirement: Give trader title
The simplest step, leader and other high-ranking players who have the authority give the permission as “Trader” to the specified players or those who want Travel trading. After that these people can accept trade quest and create wealth for the guild.

Sweet tips: After setting up a two-way commercial route and giving specified players the Trader title, the guild can start Travel trading. What you have to keep in mind is that the amount of traders has a limit, and the higher level the city vault is the more traders the guild can have.

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Travel Trading (Building the city)
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