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 Creating Guild

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PostSubject: Creating Guild   Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:28 pm

Create Requirements:
Players must be at least Lv 10

Player doesn't join any other guild. (You are allowed to create a new guild 24 hours later from the time you leave the former one.)

carry 50 bound gold or 50 gold

Create Step:
Talk to Just Fan (141,95) in Luo Yang. If meet these 3 requirements above, select “Create Guild” to enter create guild interface. Input your guild name first (maximum of 12 characters and 6 Chinese characters) then input your guild tenet ( default guild tenet:”A rising guild.” It can be edited and can be empty (maximum of 60 characters and 30 Chinese characters) Click to input. If the guild name is valid and is not used, it will be succeed in applying. It will charge you 50 Gold for creation and add your guild into the guild list. A system prompt will show “Successfully created a guild!”

Notice: if there are less than 5 people online in 7 days, your guild will be removed automatically.

View Guild Information:
Click “Guild” button or press Alt+O) to open guild, you will see guild name, tenet, and member list. Click members (gray are offline players) in the list to make friends with them. If you have authorities, you can perform operations such as “Appoint”, “Demise”, “Dismiss”, and “Modify tenet”, etc.

Click “Guild details” button to check your guild’s status: including: guild name, Alliance, ID, create time, current Leader, city, location, business district, current research, current construction, guild population, prosperity rate, industry rate, business rate, defense rate, technology rate, expand rate, guild funds.

Notice: chief should manage the application list in person; one guild can be applied by 10 players simultaneously, if full, application will fail without any prompt.

Auto Removal Mechanism:
Auto Removal Rule for Lv 0 guild

At 24:00 every day, system will check whether the guild has been created for 7 days.

Whether or not guild members have been more than 5 people within 7 days

If these two conditions above cannot be matched, guild will be removed automatically, and players' guild title will be deleted. At the same time, system will send mails to offline players of the guild for carrying the operations above.
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Creating Guild
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