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 Joining Guild

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PostSubject: Joining Guild   Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:08 pm

Players must be at least Lv 10

Player doesn't join any other guild.

Join Steps:
When you reach Lv 10, talk to Just Fan (141,95) in Luo Yang. Select "View Guild List" option, select a guild in the guild list and click “Join”. Then your name will be in the pre-list(you can also select multiple guilds to join). If you meet the requirements, you will be informed that “Your application is under processing, please wait.” Guild’s leader, deputy or other members who have the authority can click “Guild” button or press Alt+O to open management interface, and click the “pre-list” and then they will find your application. You will be a member of the guild after someone of them if he or she confirms your information and accepts your application by clicking “Accept” button. If not, he or she may click “Reject” button to reject your application.

No matter you are accepted or not, there will be obvious system prompt.

Accept and Reject:
Leader and deputy have the authority to accept new members. Click “Guild” button or press Alt+O to open management interface, and click the “pre-list” to see whether there are new applications. After confirming player’s information they can accept applicants by clicking “Accept” button. If not, click “Reject” button to reject applicants.

Accept and Reject Requirement:
Players who are qualified to perform this operation must be people have the authorities to accept or reject applicants.

Guild population does not reach the maximum when accept new members.
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Joining Guild
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