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 Pet Shape-shifting

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PostSubject: Pet Shape-shifting   Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:07 pm

₪ Pet Types

Pets can also be customized using 60 different pet shapes, 42 character types, 9 talent types, plus stat points to create a unique pet unlike any other.
₪ Evolution Crystal

Evolution crystal can be fed to the pets to change pet's shape.

Evolution Trail

This is Quest based. It can be done at any stage of the pet.
Condition: The pet's amity towards the player must be at 3 big hearts.

৳ Talk to the pet when its amity is at 3 big hearts to trigger the event where the pet speaks of its desire to evolve.

৳ Talk to the pet to trigger an event.

৳ Player can initiate the evolution trial by choosing the first option. As a test, the pet cub will have to battle against its evolved image which is at the same level as the player. It would be wise to ensure that the level gap between the pet cub and the player is not too wide before engaging the trial.

৳ During the trial, if the pet cub is defeated, or the player switches to another pet or form a party, the pet cub would be deemed to have failed the trial of evolution. However, a pet cub can take the trial as many times as it wants until it successfully evolved. Players can choose to get more experience before going for the trial again.
৳ If the pet cub successfully completes the trial, it will evolve.

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Pet Shape-shifting
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