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 Character Shape-shifting

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PostSubject: Character Shape-shifting   Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:04 pm

For the 1st time in gaming history the developers of AG have introduced an amazing new feature of "Shape-shifting at your will". Through this, the players at their free will, have a right to shape-shift into many different forms such as phoenix, unicorn, NPCs and others forms available in game.

₪ Shape-shifting Card

While fighting computer-controlled enemies in the wilderness, players have the chance to loot shape-shifting cards that let them assume the appearance of the specified creature while also benefiting from a double experience bonus for 10 minutes. Currently 60 Shape-shifting Cards are available, and thus players can mimic 60 creatures.

₪ Shape-shifting Potions

This option allows characters to assume the appearance of certain NPCs. An in-game quest rewards a shape-shifting Potion, which on use shape-shifts the player into a small cute duck like NPC called Tracy. They can resume their original form by using a Reversion Potion obtained on the same quest.

₪ Shape-shifting Class

Neither of the above options can be used during battle. But the new type of class, Berserker, can shape-shift during battles into tiger, bear or cheetah forms.

₪ Shape-shifting Merchants

While selling items, players can shape-shift themselves into a cute miniature snowman, which gives them the chance to add some fun to the activity of selling one's spare items.
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Character Shape-shifting
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