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 Social Quests (lvl 30 quest)

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PostSubject: Social Quests (lvl 30 quest)   Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:36 pm

Some NPCs need help with simple tasks that, unfortunately, they just don't have the time (or mobility) to do. Helping NPCs who offer daily Social Quests by running errands such as delivering items or letters to others earns your character improved standings, or "intimacy" with them. Different levels of intimacy earn players access to different social quests, and therefore different rewards. It's a good idea to take some time to make friends with these NPCs.

Players can begin using the social system once their character reaches level 30. Currently, here are 3 different intimacy levels for NPCs in game: Common, Friendly and Intimate.

Players cannot accept quests that require a higher level of intimacy. Players also cannot accept high-level quests without first finishing lower-level quests. For example, when a player's intimacy level reaches 2 (Friendly), they can accept the level 1 and 2 Social Quests, but they must first finish the level 1 quest before doing the level 2 quest. When a character's intimacy with an NPC reaches level 3 (Intimate), they can learn special skills from the NPC.

Players may take daily Social Quests repeatedly each day. Players can even take several social quests from different NPCs at the same time.

Generally the rewards for Social Quests include intimacy, EXP, or a random gift box or pack. Players can also earn some Gold if they finish special quests. Each character can have several gift boxes or packs, but they cannot be traded or stored in the bank.

Gift packs are rewarded for level 1 quests and boxes for level 2 quests. Double click the gift pack/box to claim items such as jewelry, essences, food recipes or pet runes.

Note: players should pay attention to the kinds of gifts different NPCs like to receive. By giving the NPCs gifts they enjoy, players can earn more intimacy and better rewards.
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Social Quests (lvl 30 quest)
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