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 Suppression Quests (lvl 60 quest)

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PostSubject: Suppression Quests (lvl 60 quest)   Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:25 pm

When players level reach 60, they can make a team and take Suppression Quests from Falto in Altis City. The quest will lead players to a location where they must defeat a boss. After finding the boss, the team should talk to it to initiate combat.

Suppression Quests are extremely difficult, so players should form a team before they attempt them. Due to the difficulty of these quests, players will earn excellent rewards if they are victorious. Rewards may include precious items like Pet Revive Crystals, Pet Evolution Crystals and other rare items.

Taking a Suppression Quest

Visit Falto at the Adventure Association. You should be in a team that consists of at least 2 members. The average level of the members must be at least 60. The team leader must be the one to take the quest. After accepting the quest, the bosses will automatically appear in Begal Valley, Criti Timberland or Delga Plains.

Completing a Suppression Quest

When a player accepts a Suppression Quest, the quest will ask for the name of the boss and its location. Players have 40 minutes from the time the quest begins to defeat the boss and return to complete the quest. There are 6 different types of bosses in Suppression Quests: Silver-tongued Demon (high spell attack power), Silver-tongued Demon (high spell recovery power), Werewolf (high attack power), Vampire (high spell attack power) and Death Knight (high spell fighting power).


Whenever players finish a Suppression Quest, they will earn EXP, money and a Bravery Badge as rewards. The Bravery Badge can be exchanged for items. To receive a Pet Revive Crystal or Pet Evolution Crystal, a team must complete 10 Suppression Quests, which count as 1 complete round, by the way, only first and second round will have chance to receive Pet Revive Crystal or Pet Evolution Crystal, but still can receive Bravery Badge after finish every round.

Though difficult, players can get tons of great rewards from Suppression Quests. The level of the boss will change depending on the levels of the players in a team and the total number of teammates. It's a good idea to form a team with characters of roughly similar levels from various classes to maximize your rewards and chances of success.
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Suppression Quests (lvl 60 quest)
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